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What is this and how to use this service?

As the title says: Mirror your cam!

You can: and...

... save them on your device or upload them to your facebook album and optionally share them on your wall.

How can I use my webcam?

If you have an installed webcam on your system you will be able to use your webcam on this site.

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WEBMIRROR.ME is owned and operated by:
Codemakers Kft
HU-6791 Szeged, Balabás u. 13.

We do not collect any of your personal information during your use of our website.
For statistical and analythical purposes, we may collect and store non-personal information that cannot be used to identify you.
Third party (Google, Facebook) cookies may be stored on this domain for the purposes of measuring website traffic, and allowing communication with social media sites if you choose to share images you have taken using WEBMIRROR.ME.

This website may access your webcam if you provide us permission in your browser. If your webcam is accessed, only video data will be processed, all audio will be discarded. No data from your webcam will ever be uploaded or stored by us. The video stream will be processed in your browser program only.

Pictures you create and choose to share can be uploaded directly to third-party sites. By using the "add picture to Facebook album" feature you agree, that a copy of the picture you created will be uploaded to and stored on Facebook. In this event, Facebook's own privacy policy will apply to the handling of the uploaded picture. During the use of this feature, any personal information provided by you will be transferred directly to Facebook, we will not store - even temporarily during the transfer - any of the data.

As no personal information is collected and stored by WEBMIRROR.ME, any request for deleting such information is unnecessary.

We at Codemakers Kft. retain the right to change this privacy policy. In case of a change, the updated privacy policy will be posted on this page immediately.


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WEBMIRROR.ME © Codemakers Kft HUNGARY - All rights reserved

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Sooooo sad!

It seems you don't have a cam on your device.
If you want to use all the features WEBMIRROR.ME has, you will need a camera.

Please allow WEBMIRROR.ME to access your camera